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Objectives of the Steering Group:

  1. Define and seek agreement from TVBC and WC of the area covered by the NDP. (Done)

  2. Set out the vision, objectives, policies and proposals for future development within the defined area. (Done)

  3. Protect existing sites of outstanding natural beauty, conservation areas and the overall character and heritage of the two parishes.

  4. Ensure that a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues are taken into consideration.

  5. Ensure it forms a clear basis for any future development of housing (including ‘affordable’ housing and houses for the elderly).

  6. Ensure it supports existing and prospective businesses and jobs in the community.

  7. Protect or provide open spaces for recreation.

  8. Provide an appropriate vision of supporting roads and transport needs.

  9. Ensure that the environmental needs, including water control, flood avoidance and sewage disposal, are appropriate to the plan.

  10. Consider new and innovative ways of conserving/providing energy not least with any building proposals to meet the plan.

  11. Ensure that modern communications (broadband, telephone, satellite) with a capacity to keep up with technological developments are fairly provided to the whole community.

It is important to note that this list is not in priority order and does not mean necessarily that there will be new policies in the plan on the issues outlined. Further issues may be subsequently identified that are relevant to the NDP but not listed above.  These objectives for the Steering Group must not be confused with the vision/objectives of the plan (now agreed), even though they are in synergy.



The SG is governed by the processes of the Parish Councils and will seek consensus within the committee on decisions. If agreement cannot be found on specific issues, then direction is sought from the Parish Councils, TVBC and WC as appropriate. The SG is aware that the final NDP is decided by referendum and thus the group must provide facts and implications for draft proposals rather than dictate outcome in a biased way.

The SG has full delegated authority from the Parish Councils to deliver the NDP. The Group reports monthly to the Parish Council setting out progress on its work. The Parish Council will approve the Submission Draft NDP prior to publication for consultation and independent examination.

The plan-making process remains the responsibility of the Parish Councils as the qualifying body. All publications, consultation and community engagement exercises are undertaken by or on behalf of the Parish Councils with appropriate recognition of the Parish Councils’ position given in all communications associated with the project.

The Steering group comprises of the following members:Alan Bannister (Chairman), Rebecca Tyson (Admin Clerk), Jay Greene, Mick Goulding, William Seabrooke, Lyell Fairle and Jane Higgins.

Above are links to the latest minutes of the steering group meetings, Terms of Reference for the steering group and the Communications Strategy.

Aim of the Group:

The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is a joint plan being prepared for the parishes of West Dean and West Tytherley with Frenchmoor in full consultation with the two Borough/District Councils and the local community. This NDP Steering Group (SG) is a working group of West Dean and West Tytherley Parish Councils who are the qualifying bodies for the preparation of the NDP and to whom the SG will regularly report.

The NDP will be developed under the terms of the Localism Act 2011 which will provide a legal basis for residents to represent the future of their community.

The purpose of the SG is to oversee the preparation of the NDP in order that it will then progress to Independent Examination, a successful Community Referendum and ultimately being accepted in law by Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) and Wiltshire Council (WC).

The SG will engage the local community to ensure that the NDP is truly representative of the ambitions of both parishes. The SG will gain support for the NDP by ensuring high levels of community engagement throughout the plan-making process.


Working Groups

The three groups, made up of volunteers from the community, are currently developing specific parts of the NDP.

Each working group has terms of reference, a lead person agreed by the SG and includes one member from the Steering Group. 

The Working Groups are as follows:

  1. Environment and Landscape to protect and enhance our natural, built and historic environment while promoting the vitality of our residential areas.

  2. Planning and Development to drive and support sustainable economic development which delivers the homes, businesses and infrastructure to meet local needs.

  3. Facilities and Services to improve health, social and cultural wellbeing for all and ensure facilities and services are in place to meet local needs.

 Key elements/criteria applicable to each working group are:

  •  Identify specific sites for development [These may not be identified in the final plan.]
  • Identify specific requirements for pieces of land

  • Identify areas to protect from development

  • Identify buildings and land to be protected from change of use

  • Reserve areas for certain uses

  • Identify qualifying conditions for any proposed developments

  • Take into account existing Conservation areas and Settlement boundaries

  • The NDP cannot be in conflict with current TVBC and WC Local Plans