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Objectives of the Steering Group:

  1. Define and seek agreement from TVBC and WC of the area covered by the NDP. (Done)

  2. Set out the vision, objectives, policies and proposals for future development within the defined area. (Done)

  3. Protect existing sites of outstanding natural beauty, conservation areas and the overall character and heritage of the two parishes.

  4. Ensure that a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues are taken into consideration.

  5. Ensure it forms a clear basis for any future development of housing (including ‘affordable’ housing and houses for the elderly).

  6. Ensure it supports existing and prospective businesses and jobs in the community.

  7. Protect or provide open spaces for recreation.

  8. Provide an appropriate vision of supporting roads and transport needs.

  9. Ensure that the environmental needs, including water control, flood avoidance and sewage disposal, are appropriate to the plan.

  10. Consider new and innovative ways of conserving/providing energy not least with any building proposals to meet the plan.

  11. Ensure that modern communications (broadband, telephone, satellite) with a capacity to keep up with technological developments are fairly provided to the whole community.

It is important to note that this list is not in priority order and does not mean necessarily that there will be new policies in the plan on the issues outlined. Further issues may be subsequently identified that are relevant to the NDP but not listed above.  These objectives for the Steering Group must not be confused with the vision/objectives of the plan (now agreed), even though they are in synergy.