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Working Groups

The three groups, made up of volunteers from the community, are currently developing specific parts of the NDP.

Each working group has terms of reference, a lead person agreed by the SG and includes one member from the Steering Group. 

The Working Groups are as follows:

  1. Environment and Landscape to protect and enhance our natural, built and historic environment while promoting the vitality of our residential areas.

  2. Planning and Development to drive and support sustainable economic development which delivers the homes, businesses and infrastructure to meet local needs.

  3. Facilities and Services to improve health, social and cultural wellbeing for all and ensure facilities and services are in place to meet local needs.

 Key elements/criteria applicable to each working group are:

  •  Identify specific sites for development [These may not be identified in the final plan.]
  • Identify specific requirements for pieces of land

  • Identify areas to protect from development

  • Identify buildings and land to be protected from change of use

  • Reserve areas for certain uses

  • Identify qualifying conditions for any proposed developments

  • Take into account existing Conservation areas and Settlement boundaries

  • The NDP cannot be in conflict with current TVBC and WC Local Plans