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The SG is governed by the processes of the Parish Councils and will seek consensus within the committee on decisions. If agreement cannot be found on specific issues, then direction is sought from the Parish Councils, TVBC and WC as appropriate. The SG is aware that the final NDP is decided by referendum and thus the group must provide facts and implications for draft proposals rather than dictate outcome in a biased way.

The SG has full delegated authority from the Parish Councils to deliver the NDP. The Group reports monthly to the Parish Council setting out progress on its work. The Parish Council will approve the Submission Draft NDP prior to publication for consultation and independent examination.

The plan-making process remains the responsibility of the Parish Councils as the qualifying body. All publications, consultation and community engagement exercises are undertaken by or on behalf of the Parish Councils with appropriate recognition of the Parish Councils’ position given in all communications associated with the project.

The Steering group comprises of the following members:Alan Bannister (Chairman), Rebecca Tyson (Admin Clerk), Jay Greene, Mick Goulding, William Seabrooke, Lyell Fairle and Jane Higgins.

Above are links to the latest minutes of the steering group meetings, Terms of Reference for the steering group and the Communications Strategy.