What have we done?

The Parish Councils formally agreed the area covering the NDP with the two Local Councils(Wiltshire Council and Test Valley Borough Council). The NDP steering group was formed in April 2016 and has been working since then towards some key milestones, these have included:

  • Engaging with the local community at the village fetes in 2016, 2017 and 2018, at Annual General PC assemblies and in both village halls.
  • The creation of this website and updates in both village websites to keep local people informed of NDP developments.
  • Creating and distributing a survey for all residents in the NDP area. (see below)
  • Analysing the data from the survey.
  • Forming three working groups to use the data to form the opinions of the local community.
  • Engaging a consultant to help with the authoring of the plan. This is to ensure we follow all the recognised procedures and evidence gathering required nationally and locally. It allows us to provide guidance for sustaining and enhancing our community, including modest development, while ensuring it is watertight enough to prevent unwanted development.
  • Held a Vision and Objectives meeting (in West Dean Village Hall) facilitated by the consultant. This has resulted in both PCs agreeing in principle (Oct 2017) to those recommended by the steering group (see 'What's it all about?' section).


A survey of all residents in the parishes was carried out.  A paper copy was delivered to all households.

A PDF version of this survey can be downloaded at http://wdwtplan.org.uk/images/Survey/Survey.pdf

The survey is now closed.  Thank you for all your responses. The data has been analysed.  If you wish to provide your views to the team but didn't get a chance, do get in touch.

A more detailed analysis can be found in the various files in the directory at the top of this section.


Summary of NDP survey (May 2017)

[These results are grouped under the heading of three working groups.]


  • The present rural and peaceful nature of our are should be largely maintained.
  • Conservation in greenfield and woodland areas should not be compromised.
  • Concern about inappropriate development avoiding sub urbanisation.
  • Maintain the conservation area around the two settlements.
  • Preserve the heritage assets and those that make a positive contribution to the community.
  • Protect the agricultural and equestrian usage as much as possible.
  • Minimise unsympathetic change.


  • Poor broadband and patchy mobile phone (4G) coverage.
  • Concern over increase in traffic and inadequate parking in certain areas.
  • Good train service (WD) but poor public transport. (Consider community led transport.)
  • Promote/protect safe pedestrian and cycling routes (including footpaths.)
  • Promote/protect recreation facilities.
  • Maintain school and community shop.
  • Concern over adequate sewage and drainage in the settlements (flooding protection.)


  • Need to ensure sustainable development is achievable.
  • And development should be community led and of a modest scale.
  • Sites for potential development have been identified but availability and sustainability to be addressed.
  • Rural affordable (needs defining) dwellings favoured.
  • Meaningful number of properties for the young and elderly.
  • Small business use acceptable.
  • Need to identify the acceptable features of replacement buildings and infilling.
  • Acknowledge that in WT the community led Church Farm development has been approved.
  • Any development has to meet the local rules for safe access.