What's it all about?

 The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) must promote sustainable development and add value to the latest National and Local Plans. Neither Councils have specific plans for development in our area but do support community led projects when appropriate. Our plan must get the balance right between maintaining the rural nature of our area while laying down criteria for modest and sustainable development that meets the needs of the whole community.

In November 2017, the two parish councils agreed their visions and objectives for the NDP.  They are shown, with explanations, in the bottom two files in the directory above.

1. Both Parish Councils were updated at their 2018 AGMs. (see files a and b above)

2. During Spring 2018, the SG agreed to the draft policies for the NDP. The draft policies were displayed at both the West Dean and West Tytherley Fetes in 2018 and comments from individuals were recorded. (see file c above)

3. NDP Steering Group Action List sent to consultant 8th August 2018. (see file d above)